Great to be involved in this project Art & Bus in Rouen, France May -June 2021.
Photo of a family THAT NEVER EXISTED.
The Goughs from Battlehill.
The family were made up of actors I hired for the day - they never met each other before this photo was taken. Their role was to act as a dysfunctional family to create havoc on the streets of Newcastle one Saturday afternoon, I filmed them with a secret "buttoncam" as they interacted with the public.
I did this for my MA Show at Sunderland University and for an installation at Waygood Gallery for Amino/Platform Live Arts exhibition.
Title: A Real Life Soap Opera.
Raw TV footage can be found on youtube if you type in the title.
Received this through the post cheeky blighters 😆
Trying to sum up the whole year
>>batshit>>deaths>>police oppression>>

Rip roaring game, fantastic result #NUFC #BURNEW

Next month McDada in Rouen France plus 49 other amazing Artists displaying artwork on the bus panels. #Rouen mcdada photo

wow Adama what a rocket goal #fulwolv

eh? offside? it was millimetres, ridiculous

The Government should think about this post-covid, UK version of the New deal FWP - a cultural portrait, giving Artists, Musicians, Writers employment...

Phew! Canny point that #NEWTOT

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