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Trout Memo
The Big Kink
Strange Case of Reginald Corbison
End of Times
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TROUT MEMO (1 & 2)

“The best Collage work I’ve seen for a long time”

Norman Conquest, Black Scat Books.

During the Second World War Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books would often scribble his madcap ideas ‘on how to end the war’ on bits of scrap paper and secretly hid them between the leaves of a book on Fly Fishing. He called it his “Trout Memo.” I was fascinated with this compendium of ideas and the somewhat eccentric title.

I have recently published my own version of this concept, in which I have collated plot ideas for screenplays, reviews of books that don’t exist, extracts from dream diaries, wabi-sabi concepts, unfinished projects, photography, Collage and flash fiction into a playful Dadaist tome. The central character is an alter ego of mine called Johnny Satan which acts as an MC subverting the James Bond character throughout the book.

The Big Kink