Dream Diary Dream Diary

Monday 25th September

I was armed shooting at people climbing over a wall. Later we all gathered in a tower cum castle, at the top level. Then Liam Neesom hijacked a tank and drove it to the left and pointed It at the tower.. I left hurriedly, went up to the Tank and told him to get out. I asked him if he knew what he was doing? The guilt of killing all them people at once. He resigned to leave it, later I was reading an article about Johnny Rotten full spread called “My Life As Camouflage”

I then thought if Neesom killed those people it would be okay because we’re in an alternative universe.. they would remain alive in another. I was trying to justify actions…I think he went and shot at the tower.

But later this family who had a long-standing feud with another family were sitting having a meal together.A family member came in and tried to shoot them all as he was against the union, I wrestled with him then Liam came in and beat him up.So before Liam wanted to kill these people, but then ended up as their guardian angel through conscience.

I was in some sort of record shop, DJ night, they were talking about bands, sounded like young lads who were music journalists.

I had this small strip folded paper, I matched it to the folds in a blanket… but it then fell. I said METAPHOR were a good band and The Fall.

I went over to my vacuum cleaner, which was covered in coats, lifted them off and found loads of singles/vinyls… I picked one up it was Spear of Destiny “You’ll never take me alive”

The radio dj had just started playing it.