So Tired   Rick Shaffer


Client: Tarock Music

When Rick Shaffer wanted a fast come-at-you video for “So Tired” he immediately enlisted the expertise of British artist/director, Peter McAdam, who previously took the reins on two of Shaffer's solo videos, and two for his band, The Reds®.


Using iCoda I placed collages

into the app. played the song and screen recorded the desktop screen. I used this as a starting point and mixed myself dancing as Johnny Satan.


Buy And Sell Rick Shaffer


Client: Tarock Music

The album's vibe inspired British director, Peter McAdam, to recruit 2011 youth right off the street, and placing them on the set of a 1960's dance hall he created at High Bridge Studios, Newcastle UK, and letting "Buy and Sell" play . . . loud. The result is a video that also combines new and old, continuing the Hidden Charms concept by having today's youth easily blend into the 1960's and not looking, or feeling, out of place. © 2011 Tarock Music


Helter Skelter


Client: Threshold Studios


Headless Harvey knows Julie Andrews is the Goat of Mendes because the Tarot tells him so. He knows why poor Peggy climbed to the top of the Hollywood sign with a handful of stardust and he knows why King Spider must remain within his furry purgatory. But that was another channel, another dream, another teatime TV treat... Eat your peas little baby and you'll never forget the time.



Peter McAdam © 2016